This year, the 3r3 and 3r4 English groups (Kilga, Reich, Gilbert) have been taking part in a cultural exchange project with a school in Illinois, USA.

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Our kids wrote letters to two of Ms. McGee's classes at North Clay Junior High in Louisville. They also prepared a short video introducing our school and the town of Dornbirn. 

 This week, we got letters back from the kids in Ms. McGee's classes. They told us about their hobbies and pets. Our kids were interested to learn that many of the kids have cows and other farm animals and like to hunt deer. Now we are looking forward to staying in contact with these kids from the USA and learning more from them.

 Thanks to Ms. McGee and her classes for taking part in this project with us! 

 Kristen Gilbert






1. Reihe v l n r: Simon Benzer, Sofia Calvin. 2. Reihe: Emma Kocevar, Alina Huchler, Katja Jopp, Anna Laura Lenz, Kilian Fleisch, Felix Mangeng (3r4) 



Kaan Ötztürk, Achilleas Gruber, Luis Dobler (3r4) 


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