Congratulations to Sebastian Pfaff (8r) and Lea Wellinger (7b), who participated in the Fremdsprachenwettbewerb for English (AHS) at WiFi Dornbirn on March 1st, 2016.  Both candidates from Schoren did very well in Round 1 (panel discussion) and passed successfully on to Round 2 (speech).  Although they both did an excellent job, the competition was fierce, and only 3 candidates were chosen to compete in Round 3 (role play).

Also in attendance were Lea Neustädter (7b), Julia Kräutler (7b), Larissa Lenz (itm7), Fabio Pederilla (8r), Alexander Müller (8r), and Johanna Staffa (8r).

I want to thank those who participated and to all those who came and cheered our students on.  We also congratulate this year’s winners and thank the organizers of the Fremdsprachenwettbewerb.

I look forward to next year’s competition!


Kristen Gilbert


Lea Wellinger (7b)


Sebastian Pfaff (8r)


Pictured (l to r): Larissa Lenz, Lea Neustädter, Johanna Staffa, Sebastian Pfaff, Alexander Müller, Lea Wellinger, Julia Kräutler

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