Dana Capponi, 8m

 On Tuesday, Feb. 20th, 2018, Dana Capponi (8m) competed for BORG Schoren in the Vorarlberger Fremdsprachenwettbewerb (English – AHS), which was held at WiFi Dornbirn.

After a strong performance during the panel discussion, she easily managed to secure a place in the second round, where she delivered a speech on the topic of social media.  Once again, she managed to impress the judges and made into the top three, despite strong competition from other schools.  In the third and final round, Dana participated in a 5-minute role play with a native speaker, and was narrowly edged out by Katharina Herburger of BG Lustenau, who took first prize.

Julia Riezler (7b), Noah Schreiber (7b), Aurelia Geiger (7b), Alexandra Wetschnig (7b), and Samet Kaya (7itm) were also there to cheer Dana on.

We congratulate Dana on her fantastic performance and hope to have her as an English teacher at Schoren someday!


Kristen Gilbert




V.l.n.r.: Samet Kaya (7itm), Noah Schreiber (7b), Julia Riezler (7b), Alexandra Wetschnig (7b), Aurelia Geiger (7b), Dana Capponi (8m), Kristen Gilbert

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