Last year Irish author Helena Duggan published her first book, A Place called Perfect.

The book became Waterstones children’s book of the month in August 2017. Mrs. T discovered it in London and bought it as a class reader. We were the first English group at the Schoren – and most probably in Austria – to read and discuss it. The storyline is gripping, full of surprises and twists and we especially enjoyed the cliffhanger at the end. As homework we had to continue the story. We got in touch with the author (on twitter and then via mail) and sent her the best two sequels one written by Simon and the other by Hannah. Even though Helena Duggan has been very busy working on book 2, she answered our mail. She praised the stories and gave detailed feedback. What’s more, she is going to publish our photo on her social media! We hope more English groups will read A Place called Perfect and are looking forward to the release of The Trouble with Perfect this coming September. 


4r2 with Mrs. T

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