Eight students from Ms. Gilbert’s English classes recently took part in a pen pal letter exchange with Frau Combs’ German class in Ashville, Ohio.


Our students wrote letters which were mailed to Ohio. Then the American students, who are currently learning German, wrote letters and postcards back to us in English and German. Our students were very excited to read the messages from Frau Combs’ kids in America and learn about what life is like where they live.

Students who participated:

Anna Bereuter (6b)
Lisa-Maria Bereuter (6b)
Magdalena Gantner (6b)
Maris Göbbi (6b)
Sarah Hallinger (6b)
Ömer Corbaci (7r)
Dana Capponi (8m)
Lennart Bürgers (8r1)



Kristen Gilbert


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